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Holding an Apple


Personal hygiene and regular housecleaning are essential to good health. Frequent handwashing is key to preventing the spread of microorganisms (also known as microbes or germs) that cause many common illnesses. And regular cleaning of surfaces in the home removes dirt and food particles on which germs can grow.

In addition, cleaning and disinfecting products that contain an active antibacterial or antimicrobial ingredient can provide extra protection against germs, including those that may cause disease.


That's because their active ingredient helps them go beyond simple cleaning to kill or control the growth of microorganisms. (The words antibacterial and antimicrobial are often used interchangeably. Strictly speaking. However, antimicrobial means activity against a wide variety of microorganisms, while antibacterial refers to activity against bacteria.)


When killing germs is a priority, these products, together with good cleaning habits and practices, can play an important role in illness prevention.

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