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The Real Story

Everything started with a knock on a window!


After many years of gaining experience in the cleaning industry, it was not until 2001 that Real Crown Services was established by Ramiro Abril Pico when a site manager saw him passing by his premises and asked Ramiro to provide his cleaning services directly to his site.

Ramiro had been working as a cleaner for many years, every morning Ramiro used to take the same route to his workplace and then one morning Ramiro entered a premise which had been being refurbished, then Ramiro met this site manager who told him that he already hired a Cleaning company, he was told to come back in the near future to see how the current company is doing.

The following year, "A KNOCK ON THE WINDOW" was the ignition for Real Crown to be launched, Ramiro signed his first-ever Cleaning Contract with this site manager with no previous reference as a Contractor and not knowing each other, it was just pure phrase "WHEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW", thank you to this site manager Real Crown grew and continues to grow in experience and wisdom on all Cleaning services.


Real Crown Services has been working hard to ensure high cleaning standards and 100% customer satisfaction.

15 years later Real Crown Services stopped trading when mourning came to the company. The unfortunate news of his father's death prompted Ramiro to travel to Ecuador. Nevertheless, this experience and the pandemic have knocked on Ramiro’s door again re-launching Real Crown Services back to trade again.

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